Printed mathematical sculptures

I just attended a very fun talk by Saul Schleimer on the 3D printing of various mathematical shapes. Since last year, he and his collaborator Henry Segerman have been producing a fascinating array of mathematical shapes such as the triple gear, various cell structures, knots and surfaces. Segerman has a selection of videos on his YouTube page. These sculptures provide a wonderful visualisation of many intricate mathematical structures, as well as simple aesthetic pleasure and even some puzzles to rival Rubik’s cube!



Saul Schleimer
Saul Schleimer holding a sculpture of half of a 600-cell. The 600-cell is the (unique!) tiling of the three-dimensional sphere S3 with regular tetrahedra, and the sculpture Saul is holding is the “northern hemisphere” of that tiling: the equator of S3 is the boundary sphere of the sculpture, and the southern hemisphere is the reflection of the sculpture in that equatorial sphere.

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